Joe Rogan - Women Believe in Gay Men

Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High Season 1, Ep 1 11/21/2014 Views: 48,262

Joe Rogan explains the subtle but important difference between how men and women treat gay people of the opposite gender. (1:53)

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Because they believe in them.

If a womansees two guys making out,

she goes"Oh, those are gay men."

A man sees two women making out,

he goes, "Oh,I know they think they're gay,

"but what's really going onis they ain't just got a piece

of this sweet dick yet."

Yeah, it's just not the same.

You show me a womanwho likes watching guys [bleep],

and I'll show you a crazy bitchthat's gonna

burn your house down, all right.

That's not something a gal

looks forward to accidentallyseeing, you know.

If a womangets the wrong hotel key,

and she opens it up, and two menare in there having sex,

that's like beingon The Walking Dead,

and you turn a corner,

and you catch a zombiein the middle eating a corpse,

and the zombie has to decidewhether or not

to keep eating that,

or chase you.

You wouldn't be ableto rationalize, "Oh,

they only like men;I'm in no danger."

You'd get the [bleep] out ofthere as quick as you could.

With men, it's a completelydifferent scenario.

If a guy gets the wrong hotelkey, and he opens it up,

and it's two lesbians in there,

that's like openingup your back door

and finding a deer in your yard.

You know those amazingunexpected moments,

where you open that door...

And you try to stay so still,just don't move,

and just hopethey don't look over,

and if they do look over,you go, "It's okay.

"It's okay.I'm your friend.

I'm your friend.Smell my hand.

Smell my hand."