Rory Scovel - Get Back Into the Bible

Morgan Murphy, Seth Herzog, Rory Scovel Season 4, Ep 4 08/16/2013 Views: 39,533

Rory Scovel is just happy to have an opportunity to perform as a Christian comedian. (1:59)

Ah--I do want to thank,uh, uh,

you know, Comedy Centraland John for having me,

uh, on the show.

A lot of, uh--

A lot of shows on televisionand a lot of, uh,

different, you know,comedy clubs in this country

will not actually supporta Christian comedian.

And, uh,so I appreciate that.

You know, one:for them having the courage.

You know, asking God,saying, "Should we have him on?"

And, uh, God being like,"I vouch for him.

"He's got some good stuff."

He's got a Noah bit.I mean, watch out.

If you're on the Christiancomedy circuit

and you don'tgot a Noah bit,

get out of the businessand get back into the Bible.

Get right backinto the Bible.

That's sort ofmy catchphrase:

"Get back into the Bible."

A lot of people say it's Adamand Eve, not Adam and Steve.

I say to myself,I kind of wish it was Steve,

because I bet he wouldn't havebeen so dumb to talk to a snake.

Am I right, dudes?

Where are my dudes at?

Where are my dudesat tonight?

Women are dumb.

Come on, now.

It's right therein the Bible.

I mean, hell, Eve, did you evendo a little bit of research?

Do the other animals talk?

They don't?

Then something's up,girlfriend.

Something's up.

Steve wouldn'thave fell for that.

Steve would have been like,"What the hell is that?

"Is that a talking snake?

"You get! You get!You get out of here!

"You get on out of here!

"You get!You get out of here!

Get out of my yard!"

Steve would have already calledthe Garden of Eden his yard.

Right out of the gate.