Matt Braunger - Believing in Angels

Matt Braunger: Big, Dumb Animal Season 1, Ep 1 02/06/2015 Views: 2,976

Matt Braunger has been able to make it through hard times because he believes in a very specific type of angel. (2:03)

I'm going to be honestwith you guys

I went through somehard shit this year.

I had a relationshipof two and a half years

with someone that wasvery special fall apart

and little disappointments alongthe way and where's the joke?

It's coming.

Don't worry.

Don't get weird.



That'd be weird.

He's having a breakdown now?


Start the car.


I-- I-- I got throughit and I'm getting

through it becauseI believe in angels.

And I let me tell you about mylord and savior, Jesus Christ.

No, no, no.


When I say angel I mean I don'treally believe in angel angels.

It's my term that I use foranything that makes you laugh

when you don't thinkyou can possibly laugh.

All right?

Like, the bestexample I can think of

is imagine yourselfwalking out of a funeral

and you see a really fatguy playing a tuba happily.

And then he tripsand crushes the tuba.

And then he farts a reallylong time while giggling.

That's a [beep] angel.

There's no way youwould not laugh at that.

You'd buy him five moretubas, give him $100,

be like, do it five more times.

Bring me back to life.


Like, I was inMadison, Wisconsin

on a tour with a friend ofmine who's about my same age.

And Madison is great.

It's a college town.

But I always feelweird in these towns

because I'm too old to be astudent, I'm too young to have

a kid going there, so I'mjust a creep walking around.

I'm trying not tolook at boobies.

And I'm just, like,feeling weird.

And I go in this bar.

And this kid is sittingthere taking IDs.

He's like 19 if he's a day.

He's like, IDs.

Takes my friend and goes,you're old as [beep].

Go ahead.

Takes mine.

You're really old as [beep].

Go ahead.

We walk in.

We're laughing our assesoff like that-- what a dick.


That kid.

Hey, two Jack and Cokes.

The bartender's like, IDs.

We're like, gavehim to the doorman.

He's like, what doorman?

We look.

He was gone.

That little [beep].

It was just some kid.

Just some kid that didn't workthere who decided to make us

feel self consciousabout our ages.