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LEGO's new social media platform inspires Hampton Yount, Adam Newman and Phoebe Robinson to come up with other kid-friendly apps. (2:12)

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You know, back when I was a kidin the 1900s,

LEGO was just a brandof building block play sets

-that hurt like a bitch whenyou stepped on 'em. -(laughter)

These days,there's a whole LEGO...

They still hurt a lot,by the way.

-(laughter)-That didn't change.

But these days,there's a whole LEGO empire!

They got LEGOLAND,they got LEGO Star Wars.

-PHOEBE ROBISON: Mm-hmm.-This man's horrifying,

-skin-textured LEGO cosplay.-(laughter)

ADAM NEWMAN:Oh, just got nails.

-HARDWICK: I know. He doesn't.-Just one nail.

-Why was I given life and nofingers? -(laughter, groaning)

-Chernobyl, why?-(laughter)

-Why? -Why did I putmy hands in there? I thought

-I'd get super powers!-(applause)

Well, we're just weeks awayfrom the release

of The LEGO Batman Movie, which maybe...

-(applause and cheering)-Listen. -ROBINSON: Yeah.


may have done a couple voicesin this movie.

Maybe I did!Maybe I'm in this movie.

-ROBINSON: Cool!-(applause and cheering)

Okay, I am. I did.I'm very excited about it.

Very excited about this.

So, very excitedabout LEGO Batman.

Also, shortly followedby LEGO Fences.

-I wasn't sure if you guyswere aware. Um... -(laughter)

-I...-(applause and cheering)


-Oh.-ROBINSON: I think I...

I... um... I did not get askedto be in this one.


Today, LEGO is expandingin social media,

launching LEGO Life,

a new LEGO-based social networkfor children 13 and under

-and probably me,Chris Hardwick. -(laughter)

This is an Android and iOS app,has built-in

anti-bullying measures,chiefly that any kid cool enough

to be a bully is probably notgonna be

-on the LEGO social network.-(laughter)

So, you'll be fine there.

Comedians, if this trendcontinues, what is the next

social network targetedat children under 13?

-Adam.-(as child): This many square.

-HARDWICK: Yeah. Points.Very good. Yeah. -(laughter)

-Very good. Phoebe.-Tindergarten.

-HARDWICK: Yeah. Points!-(laughter, applause)


Uh, Puber. It's like Uber,but for pubes.

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: Yes. Wait. I'm sorry.

Hang on a second.

So... you go on itto have pubes brought to you?

-Yeah, yeah.-Oh, okay. Great.

-I just wanted to clear it up.-When you're low.

HARDWICK: Yeah. Yeah,that's all I wanted to know.

-PuberEATS is disgusting.-HARDWICK: It's...


HARDWICK: Well done.Well done, Adam.