Uncensored - Anthony Jeselnik - College Kids

Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula Season 1, Ep 1 01/13/2013 Views: 37,741

Whenever Anthony Jeselnik performs for college students, they end up teaching him things, including the term "butter face." (1:46)

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Colleges are great,because it's just me

talking to, like, 18-to 22-year-olds, you know,

which is ideal.

[ Laughter ]

And they teach me thingsall the time, you know.

Like, I was at a collegerecently,

Have you guys ever heardthe term "but-her-face" before?

You ever heard that?

Yeah. It's been aroundfor a long time.

"but-her-face" is like a girlwho's got a really hot body

but her face, you know?

But her face is all fucked up.

[ Laughter ]

I thought that was pretty mean,you know.

I've never dateda but-her-face before.

But I did once datea monkeyface.

[ Laughter ]

Have you guysever heard of that?

It's different.

A monkeyface is like a girlwho's got, like, a face

like a total monkey.

[ Laughter ]

But the rest of herisn't that hot.

[ Laughter ]

Yeah, she was one in a million.

I would give anythingto go back and pee on her.

[ Laughter ]

I like telling that joke a lot

'cause people thinkI'm about to be racist with it.

Like, "Oh, Anthony,you are racist."

Well, fuck you.

I'm not racist at all.

Some of my best friendsare black for Halloween.

[ Laughter ]