Sidekick Auditions

Sidekicks Season 3, Ep 2 03/10/2016 Views: 748

Ryan O'Flanagan, Matt Wayne and Taylor Tomlinson join forces to help Adam find a new sidekick. (1:28)

[slow Hawaiian music]

- Yeah, Adam texted melike 30 times,

telling me to come down here,it was super important.

- Yeah, me too. I--I don't thinkthis is the right place.

- No. This lookslike a very sad Burning Man.

- Jesus.- Next!


What's up, gang?

Hey, you want to help mepick a sidekick?

- You're hiring a sidekick?

- Yeah.It's awesome.

Really, I just need someoneto laugh at all my jokes

and let me win at things,'cause I'm a...

sad, pathetic piece of shit.


If you could laugh for us,please.

- [laughs loudly]

- Oh, wow,that was on cue.

That was pretty good.

Okay, and do you got, like,a catch phrase or something?

- Beer!

- You said, "Beer."- I like this guy.

- My name's Aiden, I'm 14,and I play the ukulele.

- Next!

Congratulations, you'remy new sidekick.

- I'm just bringing youthe drinks you ordered.

- You're my sidekick.

- Hey, guys, I'm Cliff.- Mm-hmm.

- I'm a kleptomaniac.

- I can't comment;I'm sexually attracted to him.

- Yeah, and also I am.


Okay, could you laugh for us?

- Wh--

Wha--I didn't even--

I didn't even do anything.

- That felt good.

- It's likerespect your elders,

but fuck some of them,right?


- Are you gonna tip methis time or...

- I will tip you with smooches.

[theme music plays]