How Sammy Makes a Smoothie

Jeff & Some Preteen Girls Season 1, Ep 3 01/25/2017 Views: 542

Sammy pilots a robot that looks like Jeff, but he doesn't quite have the personality down. (0:55)

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- Dude check it out.

- That lady looks exactly likeDave Grohl.

- Oh Yeah! Like when he was.

In that bandbefore the Foo Fighters.

- Is that how you mop?You got to be kidding me.

- You got to usea full figure-eight motion.

Like this, see?

- But make surethe mop head doesn't

splash against the baseboard,you idiot!

- Oh, okay.

Sorry, Jeff.

- But, uh, hey,

I don't really care because

I'm a relaxed guy.

- Oh, come on.What are you doing?

- I was making a smoothie.

- Look, all the fruitis stuck on the top.

You've got to take the cover offand pack it down like this.

- [screams]- Ah, no--no!

- See?That's how you make a smoothie.

[both panting]

And hey, would it kill youto crack a smile

every once in a while?Jesus Christ!


I had it all wrong.

I was focusing on thelittle girls this whole time,