Tracy Morgan - Morning Loving

Tracy Morgan: One Mic Season 1, Ep 101 08/26/2002 Views: 7,904

Men -- and occasionally women -- can get a little too excited during their morning subway ride. (1:11)

Look at the train,had the smoke.

Imagine if you got off the trainevery morning

with smoke and stuff.

( laughing )

Get off that train.

Rats and garbage and stuff.

We be hornyin the morning, right?

Getting on that train.

Brothers be fightingfor that door spot.

Get on the train.

You fight for that door spot,especially when it's crowded.

Just want to get that nice,voluptuous woman

to lean up on you.

( laughter )

( applause )

Penis be way over here,you know.

You can see dudeshaving orgasm.

( laughter )

Some of them ladiesbe liking it, too.

They be havingtheir little purse leaning...

( laughter )

( laughter )