Laura Kightlinger - Parades

Laura Kightlinger Season 1, Ep 11 09/11/2007 Views: 1,686

The St. Patrick's Day parade is not for sissies. (0:58)

York, I was actually watching

a gay pride parade.

And I don't know if you've ever

seen these, but they're


I love them.

And my favorite, favorite thing

in a gay pride parade are the

big helium cartoon characters.

There's something--something

about seeing Bullwinkle's ass in

chaps, I just--


I just--I revert right back to

being a kid on on gay pride

morning--I don't know.


The thing that bothers me about

parades, though, is when they're

taken too seriously.

There's so much emphasis on

their importance, and I--I kind

of hate that, because, like,

every year in Boston, it's a big

deal about whether or not gays

can march in the St. Patrick's

Day parade.

And I have to say that on some

level, I kind of see their

point, because when you think

about it, it is a real macho,

heterosexual event, you know?

A bunch of guys in short skirts

on a cart made of rose petals,

sharing a bagpipe.

You know, that's--

that's not for sissies.