Frederick for Vice President

Roosevelt Season 2, Ep 5 07/13/2016 Views: 638

With the Roosevelts' arrival at Bellacourt Manor imminent, everyone in the family prepares to make the most of the visit.

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- Nom, nom, nom.

[both moaning]

- Would you two pigs stopchewing each other's face off?

We're eating.- Don't talk

to new mom that way.

Look at her situation.

Look at how muchshe's been through.

- Yes, look at how muchI've been through.

I have to share a homewith you two.

Speaking of our home,I'm so excited

to welcome the President.

- Is he bringing that strappingyoung buck, Franklin?

- Don't get too excited.

He's engaged to his cousin,Eleanor,

whom I just can't waitto meet.

Finally another womanbrave enough to let her words

be her makeup.- Stuff it like a cookie.

Teddy has a vacantvice presidency

and I want Frederickto fill it.

- [coughing]- [gasps]


- I don't see how this idiotgets the job.

Everyone knows Taft isRoosevelt's top choice for VP.

- Nothing's been finalized,Hore.

- Celery will be so excitedto hear

she's going to be Mrs. Vice P.

- Do not speak about your wifeat the manor table!

Can I have some morechampagne, please?