Rookie Mistake

Season 1 , Ep 106 05/11/12 Views: 1,706

Michael Palascak moved back home with his parents because he really loved them and had no money. (0:43)

because I really loved themand I had no money.

And... I really loved them,and I had no money, uh...

It was weird 'cause we wereon different sleep schedules

'cause they had jobsor whatever.

And, like, sometimesmy dad would call me from work,

and he'd wake me up,and you get upset.

I don't know what he expected.

He'd be like, "Michael,it's 1:00 in the afternoon.

Why are you just waking upat 1:00 in the afternoon?"

I'm just like, "Well..."

"I forgot to putmy cell phone on silent."


"Michael,you're better than this.

I'm like,"I know, it's a rookie mistake."