Brooks Wheelan - Ex-Presidents

Brooks Wheelan Season 4, Ep 5 09/19/2015 Views: 464

Brooks Wheelan explains why he's looking forward to Barack Obama's retirement and describes what he thinks will be the best part of a Hillary Clinton presidency. (1:35)

I want Obama to leave office

just so he is liked again.

That's what I want him to leave.(audience laughs)

You know what I mean?

That's why I want him to leave.

Just so he's liked again.

Because when you're president,

you just get blamedfor everything.

Like, if someoneloses their job,

they're like, "Obama!"


It's, like, no, you're a racistdrunk at your job, dude.

Like, that's whyyou got fired, like...

'Cause once you'renot president,

you're just an old celebrity,that's all you are.

And that's the most fun thingto be in the world.

Like, think about it,

remember how madeveryone was at George Bush.

Everyone was like,"He's killing everybody!"

And now we're like, "Look atwhat he's painting over there.

(laughs)"Look at that.

He's drawing his dad.Can you believe that?"

If you're, like, the mostRepublican person in the world,

like, crazy right-wingRepublican,

but you saw Bill Clintonin a Chipotle...

(chuckles)'d be like, "Oh, my gosh.

"No one's gonna believe me.

"Excuse me, Mr. Clinton,

uh, can I get youa burrito, you know?"

Also I wantHillary Clinton to win

just so Bill is backwith nothing to do this time.

That's the most funpossible thing.


'Cause when he wasfull president,

he was still like, "All right!"

You know, like...

While he had stuff to do.

Now he has nothing--I would love that.

That's, like, the only E! showI would tune in to.

It's just called,like, Billy's Back.

And the promo's justhim being like...

"Y'all thought I was gone."