Pete Dominick - Gym

Season 2, Ep 0205 05/31/2007 Views: 6,950

Pete loves messing with people. (0:43)

I saw a lady a few weeks agoat my gym.

I can't make this up, clearly.

She was on the stationary bike,wearing a helmet.


And I was, like,I have to do something here

to mess with her.

There's got to be somethingthat I can do.

I started looking around,I went in the pool,

and I grabbed the life preserverring off the wall--

that ring thing--I put it around my head.

And I got on the rowing machinenext to her. I was, like...

"It's pretty windy in here!

"I hope I don't drown!

You're crazy!"

I got to go. My name's Pete.Thank you very much.