The Futurama Holiday Spectacular Season 6, Ep 13 11/21/2010 Views: 114,297

Leela tries to look on the bright side when a mysterious virus coats the planet in malevolent pine trees. (2:04)


(cracking, creaking, rumbling)

(people gasping)

Oh, no!

Could the seed havebeen contaminated

by a virus fromthe germ vault?

Uh, yeah, I suppose.

Wait! This couldbe a goodthing.

That weaponized virus

made the sickly little treegrow big and strong!

(rumbling continues,pine cones whizzing)

(people gasping, yelling)

(yells, whimpers)

(rumbling stops)

(wood crackling)

Wait-- this could bea goodthing.

Reforestation has begun.


Aw, geez with this, hah?

(rumbling continues)

(gasping, panicked shouts)

♪ ♪

(clattering, glass shattering)

Arguably, this could bea goodthing.

The planet has returnedto its primeval state!

Earth is just the way it wasbefore the white man came!

(device beeping)

Good news!All these pine trees

are fighting global warmingby producing oxygen!

Happy now, Gore?

Yeah. But I'd be happierif I had a set of lungs.

(device beeping)Hey, wait a second!

Oxygen levels arerising too rapidly!

Ten percent...

20 percent...

60 percent!As long as itdoesn't hit 70.

80 percent!

You know, I don't recallhaving done anythingfor a while,

but I still feelI deserve a smoke.

Hey, cool.

The air's on fire.

(deep whoosh)


Ho, ho, ho!

Everyone's dead!

Stay tuned for another taleof holiday hilarity.