Mitt Romney Dines with President-Elect Trump

November 30, 2016 - Tomi Lahren 11/30/2016 Views: 38,808

After months of slamming Donald Trump before the 2016 election, Mitt Romney cozies up to the president-elect in hopes of receiving a secretary of state nomination. (3:10)

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Uh, but first, uh, do you guysremember Mitt Romney?

Yeah? You remember him? Um, w...

No. No, no. No. No, no,come on, that's not nice.

I get it, he's super white,black people don't (bleep)

with him, but put uphis real picture. Come on.

Put his real pic... Thank you.All right. Now, uh, during

the primary, there were a lotof mainstream Republicans

who were #NeverTrump.

But Romney-- do you remember?He outdid them all.

Mr. Trump is a con man, a fake.

I wish everybodyin the Republican party

had rejected Mr. Trumpand chosen someone else.

His promises are as worthless asa degree from Trump University.

I don't want to seetrickle-down racism.

When it comes to foreign policy,

he is very, very not smart.

He has neitherthe temperament nor

the judgment to be president.

He's playing the members of theAmerican public for suckers.

He gets a free rideto the White House,

and all we get is a lousy hat.

Oh. Come on,it's a pretty cool hat.

Give him that.It's a nice hat.

But well done, Romney. That wasthe end of Donald Trump, yeah.

But that-that right there is whyRomney's a class act, you know?

He spent a year slamming Trump

and never oncedissed his appearance.

Do you know how hard it isto ignore that

when you're looking at Trump?Do you know how hard it is

to ignore the factfrom the side,

Trump looks like a full pelican.Do you know how hard it is

to not say anything about that.

Romney's that guy.

And Romney, vehemently,was against Trump.

He was Never Trump.

But in the wise wordsof a Canadian philosopher,

you should never say never.

It must have beenquite a dinner.

REPORTER: The longtime rivals were greeted with applause

as they entered the pricey French restaurant.

The menu: garlic soup with sautéed frogs legs.

On the side, conversation about Romney,

who called Trump a fraud during the campaign,

as a potential secretary of state.


Trump and Romney having dinner,

smiling it up like chums.

Yo, can we just agreethat white people

are passive-aggressiveas (bleep)?

You know you (bleep)on each other, but then,

when you meet,you're just like, "Hey, Jim,

congrats on your promotion."

"Oh, you saw that?"


Yeah, black peopledon't play those games.

If you say that (bleep) fora year and then you're like,

"Let's meet for dinner,"it'd be like, "What did you say

"about me?What did you say about me?

"Say some (bleep) about my hat.

Say some (bleep)about my hat!"

Gonna be smiley,acting like you're friends.

Trump and Romneysat down for a meal,

and just-just take a lookat the menu.

The menu, the items on it.

Young garlic soup.

Yes, a young garlic soupwith thyme and sautéed...

I love that it's younggarlic soup. Classic Trump--

even his garlicneeds to be young.

What is that about the man?

And sautéed frog legs.

Yes, well played, Donald Trump.

All through the campaignhe's taking pictures

with KFC buckets,taking pictures with taco bowls.

The minute he wins, he's like,

"Frog legs at Jean-Georges. Ah."

That is the mostelitist food that there is.

That's got to bother a few Trumpsupporters, at least, you know?

It's probably really gonnapiss off Pepe the most.

Yeah, he's like,"Seriously, man?

After everythingI did for you, Trump?"