Sinbad - Most Dangerous Man in the Neighborhood

Sinbad: Make Me Wanna Holla Season 1, Ep 1 06/14/2014 Views: 14,346

Sinbad understands that a father's role is to teach his kids when they need to back off from a crazy person. (1:58)

That's when I can tell a youngman doesn't have a father.

You ain't never feared nobody.

See, when you don't ever feara man, you can tell a dude,

all right, you disrespect me.

You disrespect me.

Oh, I've been disrespectedmost of my life.

I had a father.

He had no respect.Get up.

I ain't dressed yet.Get-- You tired?

Get-- You tired?No sir.

No sir.

You act like you tired.

No, I'm just having some issues.

See, as a man, if you ain'tnever backed down away

from a man, you don't know whatit's like to back off a man.

You gotta know when to back up.

That's why these kidsare getting shot.

You gotta know when someone'smore dangerous than you.

And that's whatfather's teacher you.

Oh, are you standing up to me?


Sometimes I standup because my back--

You can't fight everybody.

There are certainpeople-- we all know.

Every man here knows this.

There's always one dude.What's that cat?

The most dangerous-- thereis a most dangerous man/woman

in every neighborhood thateverybody goes like this.

Man, he stole my bike.

Just let that-- man, let that--

You see, when a dangerousdude steals your bike,

he rides by you.

Get on.You want a ride?

(QUIETLY) My-- that's my bike.


That's my-- that's my bike.

This is your bike?Wait, hold on.

Let me look at it.Oh, no.

My handlebars are different.

You have to know when toback up off people, man.

See, crazy peopledon't say they're

crazy before they hurt you.

People say, man, I'm crazy, man.

I'll kill you.

I'm crazy.

Crazy people standthere-- heh heh.