Gabriel Iglesias - Certified Pre-Owned

Cristela Alonzo, Larry Omaha & Maz Jobrani Season 1, Ep 6 11/10/2011 Views: 59,894

It's very strange that Gabriel Iglesias's son Frankie looks exactly like him. (1:03)

have heard in the past inmy specials are all very true,

from Martin to my buddies andgoing down the Disneyland ride

to my son Frankie.

You know, some of youactually question that,

when I'm at the mallsor at airport.

"Do you really havea son named Frankie?"

I really do.

You know, he's 13 years old,he looks exactly like me.

And why is that strange?

Because I've only had himfor four years.

He's technically my stepson, butI don't like to call him that,

'cause then automaticallyit feels like

I'm trying to be detached,you know?

He's mine.

Plus, he looks, like I said,exactly like me.

And I figured, with time,he'd grow and stretch

and start to look different,but he's just taller, you know?

I have friendswho I haven't seen in years

come over the house, and theysee him and they freak out.

They're like, "Dude, when didyou find time to have a kid?"

I'm like, "I just got him."

Like, "He looks just like you."

I go, "Not badfor aftermarket, huh?

"No, he's a certified pre-owned.

"Yes, he is. Yes, he is.

"Look at this stomach.

"Look at this stomach.Look at this stomach.

"Look at this stomach.

Hercules! Hercules!Hercules! Hercules!"