A Suspicious Police Shooting in Chicago

August 11, 2016 - Mike Birbiglia 08/11/2016 Views: 56,607

After Chicago police fatally shoot an unarmed black man, Trevor suggests ways to prevent more needless killings. (6:38)

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you know,in the American news cycle,

after the conventionshave taken place,

usually there's a lullin election news.

This year, however,things are different,

obviously becauseof Donald Trump.

You know, it's likethere's a tiger on the loose

but more orange.

Uh, for instance,for instance, yesterday,

really, the bigger news wasthe fact that Turkey and Russia

were forming an alliance,but instead most people

were focused on a guy climbinga building

because the buildingwas named after Trump, right?

And it was a strange thingto see in New York City--

it was a skyscraper where a manwas climbing up the outside

and the ape was on the inside.

Um, so...

so, clearly what we've learnedis...

what we've learned is

if you want the newsto focus on something,

you have to make surethat it has something to do

with Donald Trump, you know?

Next time Erdogan and Putinhave a meeting,

have them meet at Trump Tower,yeah?

Glaciers are melting,global warming,

have them do it at Trump Tower.

Unarmed black peoplegetting shot by the police,

have it in Trump Tower,because that way

we know the cameraswill catch everything. Yes.

-Because, because, you see...-(cheering and applause)

that's-that's another storythat's been blown away

so quickly by the Trump-nado,you know?

That-that story out of Chicago.

Actually, let-let's take a lookat the story.

This-this is what happened,for those who don't know

and should know.An unarmed black man in Chicago,

Paul O'Neal, stole a car, right?He stole a car.

And the police chased him.In the ensuing chase,

he crashed the stolen carinto the police.

He jumped out and he ran away.Now he's dead.

Now, the whole thing wascaptured on police body cameras,

uh, but then it turns outnot the whole thing.

REPORTER: The moments before the shooting

and after caught on video.

But not the shooting itself.

A police source says the officer who fired

that fatal shot turned on his camera after he fired.

Police say what happened to that camera

is being investigated.

The cameras got the whole thing

except the actual shooting?

It's a little suspicious, right?

Makes-makes you askthe question,

why are the police only sloppywith evidence against them,

you know? If I run a red light,

they've got three camera angles

and another with J.J. Abrams'commentary track. Like...

why does this keep happeningwith body cam videos?

These storiesare always so tragic,

but every time a new storycomes out,

I feel like it shedsa little light and a new...

a new light on a dif-differentaspect of police violence.

For instance, this story,for me, showed us

that some of the peoplewho may be in danger

of being shot by the policeare the police themselves.

REPORTER: While the department acted quickly in releasing

the video, several officers appeared to fire

in the direction of each other

and a police SUV while shooting at O'Neal.


Are you being s...Like, what is... what is this?

What is this? What is this?

That doesn't look likea professional police video.

It looks like your... like yourdad trying to play Call of Duty.

What is this?

And what actuallymay have happened here is...

This is... this is whatsome people are suggesting.

They're saying someof the officers thought

that shots were being firedat them.

They thought the shotswere coming from Paul O'Neal,

when, in fact,Paul O'Neal was unarmed

and the only people who wereshooting were actually police.

And-and this is a problemthat we discovered

when watching this video.If you're a police officer

and you hear shots going offall around you,

how are you supposedto know who's shooting?

It's impossible. Right?

So you shoot back. And thenpeople are like, "Shooting?

Why are you shooting?""'Cause they were shooting."

"But you were shooting.""Oh, yeah. But I heard shots.

That's why I'm shooting."It's impossible.

But I was thinking,maybe in addition to finding

betty bo... better body cameras,

maybe what we need to dois we need to give police guns

that make a special sound

that only police guns make,you know?

Yeah, think about it. Sort oflike we did with their cars.

If you're driving in a carand you hear someone behind you.

(honking) And you're like, "Oh,there's a civilian honking."

So you know what you need to do.You need to tell them

to (bleep) off'cause I'm driving over here!

I'm driving over here!

What's wrong with you?!

(cheering and applause)

New York has taught me well.

But, you know, if you're drivingand then you hear...

(imitating siren):Whoo! Whoop! Whoop! Whoo!

Then you go,"Oh, that's the police,"

and you pull over, and then youthrow the weed out the window.

-Right? That's what you do.-(laughter)

By the way, these arewhite people instructions.

-These are white peopleinstructions. -(laughter)

So, so, surely, if we cando that with sirens,

if we can change the sounds,

it must be possiblewith technology

for police gunsto make a special sound.

For instance, instead of,"bang, bang, bang, bang,"

maybe they could make them soundlike ducks.

-That's it. Put down the gun.-Stop! Police!



-(quacking)-(tires squealing)

-(laughter)-You see? You see?

-It's perfect! It's perfect!-(cheers and applause)

Then you know.

Then the other police know,

"Oh, no, no.That's just us shooting.

That's the other duck sounds."It's a perfectly...

Okay, I will admit, obviously,there could be a problem

if there happens to be, like,

real ducksnear a police shootout,

because if they hear, like,"Quack, quack, quack, quack,"

and then,the next thing you know,

the ducks are trying to matewith the cops, and then...

Like, that is the problemwith police violence.

It's so hard to solve.This is... this is...

So, if they made that work,

like,that would solve the problem

of police confusing theirgunfire for bad-guy gunfire.

That's the one suggestionI can make.

But let's go backto the issue of body cams

that mysteriously seemto stop recording.

WOMAN: We also have questions

about why an officer's camera went out,

his body cam stopped recording

during the moments when O'Neal was shot.

The investigation is going to reveal

whether that had something to do with an air bag deploying.

Yeah, that's the story.

Investigators thinkit's at least possible

that when O'Neal crashedinto the police car,

the police air bag went off

and hit the driverin exactly the right spot

to turn off his body camera,

while doingno other apparent damage.

Not damaging the camera,just turning it off.

Yeah, yeah,that's what they're going with.

We decidedto investigate this claim,

and so we askedour very own Ronny Chieng

to test this theory.

(pop, hissing)

(pop, hissing)

-(pop, hissing)-Ugh!


(pop, hissing)

(pop, hissing)

Look at that.Camera is still rolling.

Thank you very much,Ronny Chieng.