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Slut-Shaming Season 2, Ep 10 06/03/2014 Views: 54,048

A daytime talk show consists entirely of four women badmouthing their friend Janelle. (2:38)

A show where four women

get together to talk,

mostly abouttheir mutual friend Janelle.

Let's gab.

(applause)Hi, hi!Oh, they're cute, thank you.

So did everybody have anexciting weekend?

Oh, you know what?I want to start,

because SaturdayI had a day.

What happened?

Well, you know, I was picking upmy new rescue puppy Simon.


Stop.You have to rescue.

There's no other way.On the way home,

ran into guess who?

(imitating fanfare)

Don't tell me.Janelle.

Oh, I knew it.

Janelle, okay?Of course.

So we're saying goodbye, and shekisses me on both cheeks.

Oh, my God.Like, um, I'm sorry,

are you the duchessof Brussels all of a sudden?

Yeah, it's like, uh, USA?

Well, Amy's alreadygot us started,

so I think we shouldjust get right into it.

Our "Big Issues" segment.

Oh, people love this,love it.

Okay, I have a huge issue withJanelle's Facebook page.

Ugh. Who doesn't?Don't we all?

Hashtag "hope this daynever ends"?

Um, that's what days do,Janelle, they end!

And B, uh, we knowhis name's Steve.

Like, you know she justwants to say "fiancé."

So French.I can't.

There's something, like, offabout this dude.

Mm-hmm, something is up,something's up.

I actually reallylike him.

Yeah, but, like...come on.

Oh, yeah, totally.He is weird.

Right!He is weird.

So weird.

Well, we're onto our segmentwhere

we check Janelle'sInstagram.

Oh, my God,this is the best.

Wow, shocker.It's about her cat again.

Like, we get it-- its furmakes it look like

it's wearing a tuxedo--who cares?

Oh, God.

Do you know that that cat,I heard, isn't even a rescue?

Shut up.She bought it, yeah.

No.I knew it.

You know where she got it?

The mall.She got a mall cat.

Oh, my God.That is so disgusting.

Oh, my God, you guys.

I just got a DM from Janelle.

Oh, my God.Should we read it?

Uh, it says, "Heard aboutthe new show, ladies.

I'm sure it's great'cause you guys are the best."

She knows I'm at work.

Like, I'm at work.

Yeah, it's like, we're working.We're working.

All right, you guys, stay withus, 'cause when we come back,

we'll be interviewing Janelle'spersonal trainer,

who she met with once.


At least she went.

Okay, do you want to bea part of this show?