Uncensored - "The Usual Suspects 2"

Louis Katz, Robert Kelly, Luenell Season 1, Ep 6 05/18/2014 Views: 1,263

Robert Kelly, Louis Katz and Luenell join Dave Attell on stage to wrap up the show. (1:15)

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a big hand for all theacts we saw here tonight.

Louis Katz!

Robert Kelly!

And the amazingLuenell.

Thank you guys.


This is great.

What a lineup.

It's beautiful.

I made it, I made it.You made it back.

It looks like "UsualSuspects 2" up here.

Yeah, it really does.

You guys look likefraternal twins, kind of.

I can see that.Really?

(Robert)Take his hatoff, please Dave.

It's 900 fuckingdegrees in here.

(Luenell)Yo, why didthey have--

And you're tryingto be hip.

Yeah, it's-- It's Grandmahot in here, isn't it?

It's like, weird.

Grandma hot.

It smells like hot yoga ordead hobo in here either.

I don't knowwhat it is.

Well, the dead hobo smellis coming from over here.

Oh, snap.

What the fuck happenedto you, Mr. T.?


Guys, thank you somuch for coming on.

One more time.

Louis Katz,Robert Kelly, Luenell.


Oh, sleepy timedown south.

Thank you guys.

Thanks for watching"Comedy Underground."

I'm your hostDave Attell.