Humanimation - Neal Brennan - Meeting President Obama

Neal Brennan: Women and Black Dudes Season 1, Ep 1 01/18/2014 Views: 9,993

Neal Brennan describes how the president and the first lady commiserated with him over the cancellation of Chappelle's Show, with the help of some animation from CC:Studios. (4:12)

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-All right, so race,religion, let's go politics.

I'm an Obama dude, ifyou can believe it.


I like Barack.

I got to meet him.

That's part of thereason I like him.

I got to meet himlast year at the White

House correspondents' dinner.

My buddy Seth Meyers hosted itand I wrote a bunch of jokes

with him.

And we got, I got to go.

And the day before we got likea tour of the White House.

We go through the White House.

Then we go to the Oval Office.

In the Oval Office, across fromthe Clinton blowjob desk-- it's

literally like the first thingyou think of-- they're like,

do you want to touch it?

I'm like, no thank you.

There was a coffee table.

On the coffee table,there's a bowl of apples.

Seth's mom is onthe tour as well.

And she goes, hey,are those apples real?

The woman giving us a tour waslike, yeah, would one of you

like one?I'm like, yeah.

I'm a fucking taxpayer.

So I'm eating an applein the White House,

in the Oval Office.

On the wall, Obamahas the original copy

of the EmancipationProclamation,

which I'm pretty sureis just there in case

the Tea Party's like, wedon't think you're free.

All right, look at the wall.

That's all they have left.

Literally, all they have left.