Finger Blasters

I'm So Bad Season 2, Ep 2 04/08/2014 Views: 144,148

Finger Blasters are the fun new dipping snack for teens who are ready for more serious snacking. (1:22)

And they're hungry.

What else is new?

Sure, they're notlittle kids anymore,

but they still wanta snack that's fun.

That's why they're not gettingregular old chicken fingers.

They're getting--

(all)Finger blasted!

(announcer)Introducing Finger Blasters!

Blast your fingers intoour unique sauce containers,

filled with honey,

tangy barbecue,or salt and vinegar.

Finger blasting is the best.

Finger blastingis the perfect thing

to hold them over untilthey're ready to move onto

something more serious,like dinner.

(announcer)Try one finger at a time.


(announcer)Two fingers.

Mmm, okay!

(announcer)And then,

if everybody's cool with it,work up to three!

No, two is good.

For now.

I'll takewhat I can get.

(announcer)Finger blastingis fun with friends.

But if my friendsaren't around,

I'll just finger blast myself!


(announcer)Don't be a food prude!

Surprise the crew by dippinginto two sauces at once.


That's a shocker.

Let's be real.

They're teens.

They're gonna be snacking.

I feel safe knowingit's under my roof

rather than behind somemovie theater or in the woods.

So get a general sense

of what your kids are puttingin their bodies

and help them--

(all)Get finger blasted!

(announcer)Finger Blasters,

from the makers of Circle Jerky.