Brody Stevens - Positive Energy

Brody Stevens Season 2, Ep 17 01/05/2014 Views: 11,259

Although he's not a part of the Mile High Club, things are still going pretty well for Brody Stevens. (2:03)

I'm not a part ofthe Mile High Club--

that's having sexin the airplane.

I'm not a partof the Mile High Club. However,

one time I jerked offon a Ferris wheel.

L.A. County Fairduring the Sugar Ray concert.

If you want to applaud, you can.

If you like Sugar Ray, you can.

Guys, great news! I just got it.

I booked another movie!

(cheering and applause)

Uh, it's an adult video outin the San Fernando Valley.

I'm doing a solo sceneon a yoga mat.

I'm intense, I'm flexible,I take protein and fish oil.

Stay with me.

Whether you get it or not,

I'm a good guy.

I'm a good guy.I'm a great athlete.

I could throw a football70 yards.

You don't believe me?

Somebody here give mea moist Nerf. I'll do it.

Like a cat! Whoo!

5-hour Energy shot. Yes!

All nightwith a Red Bull chaser!

Pushing it.I want heart "palipitations."

Sweat is my friend.

Things are going well.I live in L.A.

I've got a great apartment:carpeted bedroom,

carpeted living room,carpeted balcony,

sub-Mediterranean parking.

I live above a Lebanesechicken restaurant.

I just boughta 1996 Toyota Avalon:

leather exterior,

cruise control in reverse,

bumping sound system,

listening to Bow Wowand Luda'ris.

Arms crossed: negative.

Arms crossed: negative.Hands in your crotch: negative.

Negative, negative, negative,negative, negative!

I'm positive energy. You got it.