"Hey It's Fluffy!" - Mexican Candy Sting Pt. 1

Ian Bagg & Mike Merrill Season 3, Ep 5 11/01/2014 Views: 5,048

After Fluffy and Martin realize that their friend Memo is selling illegal Mexican candy, they hatch a plan to catch him in the act. (1:53)

Nice shirt, Memo.

Aw, thanks, Zirina.


I know.

How can a dumb guy like Memo

afford all that stuff?

Oh-ho, teacher,pick me!

Right here, me!What?

(chuckles) That boyis selling his ass.

Nu-uh. If there wasa pedophile on the loose,

I think I would havegotten a call.

(record scratch)

Oh, hey, guys.

(all gasp)

"Hecho en Mexico?"

You're sellingMexican candy?

Isn't that stuffway toxic?

IGLESIAS:Yeah, isn't that the Aztec

god of death?

Look, I don't make peopleeat it. I just sell it.

At an attractive price, relativeto non-toxic American candy.

Since when do youcare so much, Martin?

Since I saw my grandmasuck down a super-size cola

while they wereamputating her leg

from the diabetesshe got from sugar.

Sugar is evil, bro.

It stole my grandma's left leg.

That leg was my favorite.

Wow, Martin,that's really specific.

Thanks. Now I'm gonnago be a sugar narc

and save Memo from himself.

Dino, can you hook me upwith a hidden camera?

Here you go, son.

Hey, Memo.

What you want, Martin?Here to scold me?

No, man, I justwant to tell you

that I think it's really coolthat you're, uh,

selling illegalMexican candy.

Aren't you, Memo?

Are you coming on to me?

And I'm just gonnahump this illegal candy.

Yo. Is that a camerain your pants?

Are you wearing a wire?MARTIN: What? No, man.



Oh, yeah.

It's Martin. He's okay.

Damn, Memo.You want in?

Hell yeah, I want in. Cha-ching!

Martin was fakinghis moral indignation.