Jack Whitehall - "Sex and the City 2"

Season 15, Ep 8 02/11/2011 Views: 10,712

The producers of the "Sex and the City" franchise can't be losing sleep over the fact that their film had been banned in Saudi Arabia. (1:10)

I have to acceptI am always gonna be

a bit of a wimp,a bit of a pussy.

I'm never gonna bea real man.

It's nevergonna happen.

For start, like eventhe stuff I like--

Even the stuffI like to watch on TV,

I like girly shows,you know.

I was excitedto come to New York.

I was like, "the home of'Sex In The City'!"

No boy should bethinkin' that.

I do love"Sex In The City."

What I love mostabout the most recent

"Sex In The City" film,didn't really want to see it.

It was- it wasgenuinely, right,

it was bannedin Saudi Arabia.

Banned completely.

Now, I can't imaginethat the producers behind

the "Sex In The City"franchise would be losing

that much sleep overthe fact that their film

had been banned inSaudi Arabia, seeing as,

for one... women aren'tallowed into cinemas

in Saudi Arabia.

What is the target audiencefor that film in Saudi--

Who's gonna be inthe cinema watching

"Sex In The City 2"in Saudi Arabia,

just two really stern Arab mensat there on their own

watching Samantha talkingabout deep throating.

"Ahmed, I do notunderstand it.

"Why did she leave Smithin first film?"

[audience laughing]