Run the Jewels - Uncensored

Karma 04/12/2016 Views: 1,485

Run the Jewels provides the soundtrack to Ari Shaffir's adventures in This Is Not Happening Season 2. (1:20)

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♪ Run run run run run

♪ Oh dear what thefuck have we here

♪ These motherfuckersall thorn no rose

♪ Egads what a baddream better not sleep

♪ Take a No-Doz, do some blow

♪ Oh shit what thehell have we done

♪ It's alive andit's hungry as fuck

♪ Better hide all thesnacks and the dough

♪ It is out of my control,you are shit out of luck

♪ I don't wanna beunfair but the pair

♪ We got beat that weakshit you got true god

♪ Blew up the spot withthat new bop crews drop

♪ Do up ya squad with out nuance

♪ I don't wannasound unkind but the

♪ Sounds I make are thesounds of the hounds

♪ That are howlin' underyour bed I'm here growling

♪ Same time under theblanket you're cowering

♪ Cowering likecowards cowering on

♪ Concrete showersin Rikers Island

♪ Victims, we thewolves that's wilding

♪ We often smile atsights of violence

♪ Acting brave and courageous

♪ Ain't advantageousfor health and safety

♪ So when we say run the jewels

♪ Just run 'em baby,please don't delay me

♪ And that goesfor a guy or lady

♪ The fam god damnwe fuckin' crazy

♪ I'll pull this pistol

♪ Put it on your poodleor your fuckin' baby

♪ She clutched pearlssaid, what in the world

♪ And, I won't give up shit

♪ I put the pistolon that poodle

♪ And I shot that bitch