Maniac Street Racers

2-D Blacktop Season 7, Ep 14 06/19/2013 Views: 18,294

Street racers quickly realizes that they may have bitten off more than they can chew when they agreed to race Professor Farnsworth. (2:13)

Ah, the open road!

Not a ship ahead of me.

(engines roaring)

Yo, Methuselah,speed it up!

You're making the roads unsafefor us maniac street racers!

Step off,you greasers!

I was street-racing back whenships still ran on moonwater!

Damn, yo,

get a load of speed geezer!



That's it, you hoodlums!

Your mouth just wrotea PayPal transfer request

that your butt hasinsufficient funds to honor!

Yo, it is on!

Before that, it was off.

Twice around Central Park.Loser has to make the winner's

Medicare copayments for a year!


On three. One...

Aw, it just got real.

So real I don't believe it.


(whirring, clacking)

Aw, man, I can't affordno Medicare copayments!

...three!(crazed laughing)

(engines roaring)

(horn beeps)


(horn honks)

Wrinkles got somemad moves, yo.

Yo, Wrinkles,you got big glasses.

I'm gonna call youthe Professor.

What?! No one calls me that!



Hey, Minx,we survive this,

can I finallyget that date?

Nah. You knowI'm with Benny.

Girl, he don't own you!

Yeah, but he saved mefrom my abusive father.

Not physically abusive;verbally.

It's a long story Ican't get into whilewe're spinning out.


(crazed laughing)

(both scream)

(yelling, screaming)