Time to Boogie

Banyan Tree Elf Season 3, Ep 6 04/07/2016 Views: 362

Adam gives Sarah Tollemache, Leonard Ouzts and Rob Haze gifts he received from the special new creature in his life. (1:24)

[relaxed surf music]

- Aloha, aloha, aloha,my friends!

Hey, what's up?

- What's going on?- Here you go.

I got you some boogie boards

as sort of a thank-you

for coming all this wayto do "House Party."

I really appreciate it.Mahalo.

- Thanks.Uh, I don't really boogie.

Uh, but thanksfor buying us these gifts.

- Oh, no, I--I didn't buy them.

They call mea cheap bastard.

I'm regifting thembecause a magical tree elf

gave them to me, so...

- A magical tree elf?- Mm-hmm.

- I think there's a mix-up.

You only rented us one room,and it's three of us.

- I don't havethe mental capacity

to deal with your problems

and also kick itwith this

very beautiful,magical tree elf

that I'm kicking itwith right now.

She is...


- Really?Like, for real?

'Cause I would like--

I would love to see her,if I could.

Like, you could take meto the tree.

- And, Leonard,I wish you could,

but I'm not sure if you can.

- Why?

- Because you need

to possess a childlike mind,

which luckily I do possess,

mostly because I readat a middle school level.

Have you ever read"James and the Giant Peach"?

- The only peach I likeis cobbler.

- Don't worryabout giant peaches.

Just worry about your set,

and enjoy your stayat Turtle Bay!

Like "Jurassic Park,"but I said "Turtle Bay"!

[theme music plays]