Joe Wengert - Questions About the Dating Scene

Joe Wengert Season 3, Ep 12 07/18/2014 Views: 1,433

Before Joe Wengert jumps back into the dating world, he has a few questions that need to be answered. (1:06)

in my set, I'm a single person.

I'm feeling ready to jumpback into the dating scene.

But I havea couple of questions

that I needto have answered first.

And I was hopingone of the women here tonight

might be able to help me.

Ma'am, would you help me

with one of the questionsthat I have?

It... Don't be afraid.I'm a jelly bean.

You'll be fine, okay?

This is not even comedy now.

I just need a friend.I just need an honest answer.

You got it? Okay.

So, here's the thing.

How long should a guy wait

before he shows a girl

all of his Princess Diana stuff?

A while.

A while?

All right, I've beendoing it wrong, then.

I need to cool my jets.

'Cause I usually lead

with my Princess Dianacollection.

'Cause it's good.

I like to do that joke early,

where you guys are still like,

"That might be real."So...