Gabriel Iglesias - Tour Stop in Phoenix

Alfred Robles & Rick Gutierrez Season 1, Ep 1 10/06/2011 Views: 138,857

Everything was going smoothly for Gabriel Iglesias and his tour bus until they passed through Phoenix, Arizona. (2:24)

all over the country--

50 states, you guys,in a tour bus.

Every city, every statehas been amazing.

Everything was going so smoothuntil we passed through Phoenix.

I got to tell youwhat happened, okay?

We're on our way to California,and in between the two,

you know, there's a checkpointwhere they're looking for

illegals, narcotics, weapons orall three if you're convenient.

And we're rolling through.

(makes bus engine noise)

(brakes squealing)

(bus hissing)

That's pretty good, huh?


I know I did a good bus, 'causewhen I went... (engine rumbling)

she's like this.


I'm sorry.

She's like, "He's really good.

"He's really good.

I saw the bus, I saw it."

Anyways, it's, uh,it's early in the morning

and we're rolling throughand we get pulled over.

And the Immigration officerwalks over to the window

and he, you know...(loud knock)

And our driver-- you know, he'slike, "What's going on here?"

And our driver, right--he's a cool dude named Dave.

He's been driving tour busesfor, like, 30 years.

He's old and white.

And he doesn't care.Like, his favorite line is,

"I don't give a ...!"

Good old Dave, right?

So the officer's like,"What's going on?"

And Dave is like, "It's, uh,comedian Gabriel Iglesias

"and his entourage of comedians.

"It's sponsored byComedy Central.

It's legit."

And as they're talking,we hear this outside.

(dog barking)

(loud knock)

"Hold on.

"Our dog has just informed usthat there is something

inside this tour bus that isnot supposed to be here."

And our driver looks at theImmigration officer and he says,

"Is that what he said?


Goddamn Scooby-Doo."

And we're in the backhaving a heart attack.


"Dave, you're gonnaget us arrested!"

"I don't give a ...!"

Next thing you know,they ask the representative

of the tour bus to get off.

So my name and my faceare on the side of the bus.

Door pops open, and I'm greeted

by an Immigration officerwith the last name Sanchez.