Neal Brennan - Global Economic Meltdown

Neal Brennan Season 1, Ep 4 05/18/2012 Views: 7,367

News networks relay information about the economy as if all their viewers were rich. (1:50)

Good to see you.

Hey, uh, thank you allfor coming out.

I'm, I'm glad you're here.

The economy is awful, isn't it?

You know what drives me crazyabout the economy

is when they talkabout it on the news.

They act like everybody's rich.

You notice that?Where they'll be like,

"Global economic meltdown.

Is your money safe?"

What, do you mean the $43I have in my checking account?

It should be okay.

Thank you.

Then you turn the channeland they're like,

"Has the valueof your property gone down?"


I don't know.

Let me ask my goddamn landlord.

You know what the worst partof having a landlord is?

People think it's the money;it's so not the money.

Worst part of having a landlord

is having to call the landlord


It's a bit of an exaggeratedtitle, isn't it,

for a guy who rents out roomsto strangers for money?


Like there's something medievalabout the whole thing?

Whenever I see my landlord now,just to mess with him,

I'm always like, "Milord.

"Milord, I come to thee

"from the kingdomof Apartment 4J.

"Milord, if you wouldn't mind

"taking off your cape,

I need you to unclog m' toilet."