Liz Miele - Creepy to Me

Season 3, Ep 0307 06/20/2008 Views: 11,842

I told my guy friend that I thought our co-worker was creepy and he said, "Well, he's never been creepy to me..." (2:11)

So I, uh, I'm having sometroubles right now. I'm, uh...

I'm having a lotof roommate troubles, and I,

I was thinking about moving inwith my three best friends

who, uh, who happen to be guys.

Because I'm a young'un,I asked my dad

if he'd be okay with that.

He's like, "You know what, Liz,I'd be more comfortable

"knowing if these guyshad girlfriends

or if they were gay,"

and I was like...

"How about ugly?"

I know.

"No, really, Sam,pick up the phone

and tell my dad you're fat."

"Need a place to stay."So, uh, most

of my friendsare guys, which, uh...

which kinda suckssometimes, 'cause I feel

like they don't understandhow it feels to be a woman.

Like, I was telling a friendof mine I didn't like this guy

we worked with 'causeI thought he was creepy,

and his response was, "Well,he's never been creepy to me."

I was like, "No, you're right.

Uh, my opinion is so unjust.

Um, maybe now I will acceptthat ride on his baloney pony."


It was sweet of himto offer, really.

It was sweet of him to offer.

So I, uh...

so I was seeing this oneguy for a little while

and, uh, and I reallyliked him. I like him a lot,

but, uh, but he ended it,

and the thing was,is that he was black,

and he was really uncomfortable

with me being white,which kind of pissed me off

'cause I thoughtI was doing him a favor,


But he just kept bringingit up all the time.

He just kept telling me

how pale I was all the time,

and, like, every timehe came over

he kept asking what my roommates

thought of him being there,and then one night,

when he wasfurther convincing me

that we were incompatible,he was like,

"Liz, how would you feelif we were just hanging out

with, like, 20 of my boys?

How would that make you feel?"

And I was like, "I don't know...


'Cause, like, what kind ofquestion is that, really? Like,

who hangs outwith 20 of their friends?

What are you, a rapper?

Who has 20 friends?