Nick Turner - Hanging Out with Couples

Nick Turner Season 5, Ep 12 09/30/2016 Views: 883

When Nick Turner is spending time with a friend, he prefers that his buddy's significant other doesn't show up and start an argument. (0:57)

It's never... I'm never hangingout with a friend of mine

and then his girlfriend shows upand it's better.

Never. It's never once happened.

You know, you're justhaving fun with your friend,

and his girlfriend shows up,you'll be like, "Oh! Great!

Cool! You got invited."

You turn to your friend.I was like,

"I was wonderingwhat it would be like

"if suddenly all of youropinions changed just like this.

"Cool. Cool.

Yeah, fun new dynamic."


You ever hang out with a couple,

and it's justthe two of them and you,

and then they start fightingin front of you

like you're not there,

but you are there?

And you're in a car?

It sucks.There's nothing you can do.

Except open the doorand roll out.