Brendan Eyre - Fighting Brothers

The Young Man and the Pig Season 3, Ep 5 03/31/2016 Views: 385

Brendan Eyre doesn't think the skills he learned while fighting his brother are in any way applicable to brawls in the real world. (1:56)

I learned how to fightfrom my older brother.

I grew up fighting withmy older brother all the time.

The problem with that isyou learn fighting skills

that aren't necessarilyapplicable in the real world.

[laughter]Do you know what I mean?

Like, I can't be in a bar fight

and just jump-kicka guy in the back...


And then lock myselfin the bathroom

till my mom comeshome from work.


We would go at it all the time.

My dad's crazy.

One time my dad got sick of it,

and he was like, "Oh, you twolike fighting so much?

How about you fight for real?"

Fighting for real,according to my dad,

was making us put onour winter gloves

and box in the backyard...[laughter]

while he sat in a lawn chairand watched...


Just clearly forhis own amusement.


My father is the Michael Vickof children.


Who wouldn't pay to seetwo shirtless little boys...


with tears streamingdown their faces

as they beat the shitout of each other

with Transformers mittens?


[sighs]My dad--

he would just yell stuff

that there was nothingto say back to like--

I got in trouble

for smoking weed ineighth grade.

And I came home from school,

and my dad got in my face,

and he goes,

"I made it throughthe Vietnam War

"without smoking pot.

And you couldn't make itthrough middle school?"


Like, what--


What do you say to that?


"Yes, sorry you werethe only nerd in Vietnam."