Uncensored - Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - That Ain't Right

Kurt Metzger, Nikki Glaser, Mike Vecchione Season 1, Ep 3 04/27/2014 Views: 2,936

Dave Attell and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog greet each other with barbs before starting the show. (1:36)

Thank you.

I'm Dave Attell.

Welcome to comedy atthe Underground.

This could either bea dream or a nightmare.

I'm glad you're hereto see it.

So it's gonna be fun.

What's up, bud,how are you doing?

You good?

See, this looks like the onlybook I ever read

in high school--"Of Mice and Men."

What's going on here?

Laugh it up,big man!

You digging this, Jesus?Everything all right?

Are you guyshere for the show

or are you waiting forthe bus to Bonnaroo?

What's happening?

Moving on.

Now, Teen Wolf, wouldyou mind being a part of this?

I can do it.

What's your name, man?Alex.

Okay, cool, do youmind being the camera person

for the show?I don't mind.

Alex, here, grabthe camera.

Not only do you havea camera tonight, Alex,

we also havea camera on you.

How about a big hand forTriumph the Insult Comic Dog?

I've got itright here!

Look at that.

Hey, Triumph.

Hey, Dave!

How's it going?Holy shit.

You and Alex,that was magic.


Dave, thanks for comingall the way from 2002

to join us tonight.

Oh... wow.

What do you thinkof the set, Triumph?

I know, Comedy Centralspared no expense.

Oh yes, oh yes.

Can I talkfor a minute?


Can somebody run outand get a bucket of timing?

All right,here we go-- sorry.

Triumph,I apologize.You look great.

You look great.

Seriously, who knew thatthe strict diet of

40 years of cigarettesand bottom-shelf whiskey

would give you the body

of an Armeniantugboat captain?

Oh, oh, come on, guy.

That ain't right!

Triumph, everybody,Triumph.

(cheers and applause)