Leakeasy - No One Ever Asks

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 06/21/2016 Views: 154

On Edward Snowden's birthday, Spike Feresten, Eli Roth and Steve Agee expose little-known government secrets. (1:44)

Tuesday was the birthday ofGeek Squad employee of the year

Edward Snowden, one of the fewpeople in trouble with the law

for a leakthat isn't public urination.

Snowden's infamous leak led toone of the biggest revelations

about the NSA's surveillancetactics. I would like you

to come up withsome lesser-known top secret

government revelationsin 60 seconds. And begin. Steve.

Joe Biden is from Kenya.

Yeah, no one ever asked.

Points. Eli.

Ramsay Bolton is actuallybased on Donald Trump.

All right, points.Spike.

Bernie Sanders has a giant dick.

Points. Points.

Uh, Eli.

The NSA beats offto your Snapchats.

All right, points. Steve.

Sometimes if youpee white into a lady

it makes a baby.

Oh, Jesus...


I didn't think you couldgross anyone out more

after (bleep) with the sock,but well (bleep) done.

Points. Spike.

Hans Solo dies.

All right, points. Spike.

It doesn't matter who winsthe election, we're all (bleep).


Bernie Sanders is actually

one of the old guysfrom the Muppets.

All right, points. Steve.

Some dude name Remyactually let the dogs out.

All right. Points.I'm glad we solved that. Eli.

Lemonade is really aboutBill and Hillary.

Aw. That's nice.


The Harlem Globetrotters'games are fixed.

-HARDWICK: What?-Yup, it's true.

Now, that's the oldestreference we have...

That is probably the oldestreference we have at all.