Greer Barnes - Alcohol vs. Marijuana

Guerra, Blumberg, Barnes Season 2, Ep 14 05/25/1993 Views: 21,437

Alcohol makes you more violent than marijuana. (1:09)

they put marijuana in thecategory of, like, hard drugs.

Like, we could all sit here,right, smoke 10 joints,

and the most we'll beis, nuh-huh uh huh.

Give us ten drinks, andwe're like, no, no, no!

I know, eh.


I remember the first timeI smoked a joint, man.

Smoked a joint, and my bestfriend named Dylan walked up

to me after school one day, he'slike, (STONER VOICE) dude man,

check this out, man.

I have, in my possession, someof the most primo smoke, man.

So I was like, all right.

We went up to my house, sat onthe couch, smoked this joint.

About 20 minutes later, we wereabout this big on the couch.

I started crying, man.

What the hell did you give me?

How are we going toget down from here?

(STONER VOICE) Dude, man, relax.

There is a piece of stringhere we can climb down.