Adam Pally & Gil Ozeri - The Burger Is the Bit - Uncensored

The One with the Jacket Season 2, Ep 2 07/07/2015 Views: 882

After handing out burgers to the crowd, Adam Pally and Gil Ozeri bully the audience into eating them. (2:32)

It's so disrespectful...It is!

for you not to eat a burgerI have given you.

You are not walking out of herewithout eating a fucking burgertoday.

I feel like-- I feel like a lotof you right now are like...

"Well, this can't be it, there'sa bit that's gonna happen."

There is nothing else!This is it, guys!

You are eating-- a fuckingburger today!You better eat that burger.

Goddamn it, I want oneof them burgers so bad.

You know what? I will say,"Good for fucking you."

Everyone give a round ofapplause for this guy.Come here! Come here!

Stand up! Stand up!No, stand up!

What's your name?Evan.

Okay, Evan--Now are you an original memberof Incubus?

We have to say something to you,because you have been eatingyour burger.

Anybody that ate their burger,we want you to knowthis message.

You're a fucking pig.Disgusting.

You're a fucking pig.You're fucking gross.

You're sick.

You fucking think you're betterthan everyone thatdidn't take a burger?

You're fucking sick!You fucking grab loose meatfrom two strangers?

You're eating--

You're fucking eating loose meaton television!

Sit the fuck down!What the fuck!

Jesus Christ!Jesus Christ!

If you're eating a burger,you're disgusting.

And then, if you're not eatinga burger, you're also fuckingdisgusting.

You know what, Pally?You know what?

Do me a favor, spit in my face.

Now I didn't want to do that.

He didn't want to do that!I didn't want to do that.

I didn't want to do that.But we needed a wayto show you...

what you guys are beinglike right now.

I know it seemed like I didit without hesitation...

but I was like,"I don't want to do--"

Can I have that burger, sir?

Show everybody how to eat.I think-- yeah.

This is how you eat a burger.

We are going to show you how toproperly not eat and eat afucking burger...

It's not that the same time.


Dude, stop it!

No, you're gonna eat the fuckingburger!

I can't eat a burger.No, you're gonna eat the fuckingburger.

I can't eat the burger.Eat the goddamn burger!

I don't want--dude, get away from me!

I don't want to eat the fuckingburger, man!

Eat the fucking burger!

You eat this fucking burger!


Come on, you little fuckingIsraeli!

I'll fucking kill youright here!

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