Gabriel Iglesias - Fluffy Classics - Drive Thru Window

Ian Bagg & Pablo Francisco Season 2, Ep 6 11/08/2012 Views: 22,916

Gabriel Iglesias hates when his order is screwed up. (0:51)

If I don't have my way, like,when I go to drive-throughs,

and they screw up my order?

Oh, I'm evil.

I go back around and I start ordering, but I throw them

off by doing this, right?They'll come on the speaker.

"Welcome to Fantastic Burger,how can I help you?"

I'll do this:

(bubbly woman's voice)Hello, sir?

(laughs) Hi!

Can I please havea double cheeseburger,

an order of friesand a shake? (laughs)

Double cheeseburger,order of fries and a shake.

Oh, my God, yes.

Thank you, pullup to the window.

And I pull up.

(mimics car engine,brakes screeching)

Oh, they're not expecting me.

Oh, the look on their face is the best, right?

Did you just order?

They come back with a bag of food, you know.

Um, would you like ketchup?

That's where I let them have it.

(woman's voice):Oh, my God, yes! (laughs)