Kurt Braunohler - The Best Yelp Review

Kurt Braunohler Season 3, Ep 13 07/25/2014 Views: 1,272

Although Kurt Braunohler usually hates people who review things online, he did love one Yelp reviewer's unbridled enthusiasm. (1:02)

I don't like, ugh,I hate Yelpers.

Ugh, Yelpers...

go (bleep) yourselves.

I have never hated

a group of society so much

and then depended upontheir opinion every day.

But I did seeone good Yelp review,

it was for aStaples near my house.

Uh... and it just, uh, it wasonly one review for the place,

all caps, it just said,

"This is the beststationery store ever!"

And I was like,I love this woman.

She's enthusiastic.

Doesn't really knowwhat a Staples is.

Gonna review it anyway.

Like, I just want to bring hereverywhere with me;

she'd be fantastic.

Bring her to a Home Depot, like,

"Aah! This hammer storeis amazing!"

Bring her to anygrocery store, like,

"Oh, this jam shopis off the hook."

I, uh...