Ian Bagg - So Artsy

Ian Bagg & Pablo Francisco Season 2, Ep 6 11/08/2012 Views: 25,639

Ian Bagg believes that technology is all about taking cell phone pictures of your junk. (1:34)

I love Florida.A lot of the girls wear

my favorite outfit here, thehigh heels and shorts?

Oh, my God.

It says so much about a girl.

It says, "I'm going to the prom,but there could be a barbecue."

(laughter, applause)


What if, what if there's corn?

Get my eating shorts.

You ever take a picture of yourjunk with your cell phone

and send it to your lady?


That's what technology's about.

How do I get my penisto that girl quicker?

Everybody does it.

I do it, but I'm classy.

I put a sunset behind it.


Pull my sack to the side.

Pull my sack to the side, makeit look like a long-necked duck

going south for the winter.

Girl... girl receivesthat picture,

she has no idea what she'sgotten for a half an hour.

"What the hell is this?"

45 minutes later:


"He is so artsy."

Lot of differentkinds out there.

I've seen this one girl,

she just had a littlepatch of hair there.

You ever see that?

It looks likea Hitler moustache?

Just an angry little (bleep).

(with German accent):Oh, there's going to be

so much trouble later on.


Have your papers in order

if you want to geton flight 1745,

Lufthansa, leavingMiami noon tomorrow.

You scare the (bleep) out of me.