Jeff Ross - Decriminalizing Weed

Jeff Ross Roasts Cops Season 1, Ep 1 09/11/2016 Views: 17,417

A cop explains why he thinks decriminalizing marijuana in Massachusetts was a good idea, and Jeff Ross reveals why he agrees. (2:09)

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If I was in charge

cops would be able to smoke potonce in awhile.


Just goes out over the radioevery now and then,

"All available units,we have a 420 in progress.


"On the roof of the precinct.

"BYO evidence.


"Afterwards, we're gonna turnthe squad car lights on

and chill."


"Okay, love you."



Some of you like that idea.

- Smell that mari-ju-ana?

- Oh, you smell marijuana?- Mmm.

- What if, say, for instance,we were driving along

and you saw a comedian

smoking potbehind a Dunkin Donuts?

- Here in Massachusetts,marijuana's decriminalized,

so anything under an ounce,you're good to go.

It's a $100 citation.

- Essentially, yeah.

- We take the weed, we'll destroy it,

we'll dispose of it. - Right.

- But you're not doing jail time.

- Doesn't it take a lotof pressure off the cops?

- Yeah.Well, here's the thing.

If a kid thinks he's gonnago to jail for having a joint

and he's all of a suddengoing to start running from you,

and he's got his hands in his pocket

'cause he's tryingto discard it,

but obviously somebodywith their hand in their pocket

we can't see what they have,

we're gonna assumeit's a weapon,

so obviously, it's goingto heighten the sensitivity

of the situation.

- Doing a lot of thingsright here.

Decriminalizing marijuana,

which I think is really great.

I think cops have better thingsto do than lock up people

for the one drugthat makes you mellow.

No one in history's ever donea bong hit and robbed a bank.

Hands up, this is a bank rob--is that a lollipop?


This just in,our two suspects

were last seen in a getaway cargoing 12 miles an hour.


They were finally apprehendedat a Burger King drive-thru.

Laugh it up, buddy,it's okay.

It's okay to laugh.

You don't have the rightto remain silent.