Tom Lennon - Remnants of New York Life

Joe Zimmerman, Sara Schaefer, Tom Lennon Season 4, Ep 2 08/02/2013 Views: 13,716

Tom Lennon sold out and moved to Los Angeles, but still has tokens of his time in New York. (1:41)

That makes much more sensewhen Maroon 5's

"I Got the Moves LikeJagger" is playing.

Turns out that's, like,$100,000 to use on TV.

It still works.

It still works, you guys.

So, uh, I used tolive here--

I used to be like you guys, Ilived here in New York.

And, uh, I live in LosAngeles now, which while

it's not the devil's [BLEEP]it is devil's [BLEEP]


It's a shortcommute from L.A.

into the devil's [BLEEP].

But when I lived in NewYork, it was much more like

that movie "The Warriors."

There were just clownson roller skates who would

come by, and mimes wrappedup in barbed wire.

All of Tompkins Square Parkwas just on fire

all the time.

So I sold out and Imoved to Los Angeles.

I still have some remnantsof my New York life, like my

son found a peepshow tokenfrom the Show World Center

in my coin collection.

It's got a littlenaked lady on it.

That's how you can tell.

And he said, "Daddy, whatkind of money is this?"

And I said, "Son,that's not money.

That's treasure."