On the Range

Where the Buggalo Roam Season 4, Ep 6 02/08/2008 Views: 47,603

Kif, Fry, Bender and Leela trade scary stories until they're surprised by a mysterious visitor. (1:55)

And even though the computerwas off and unplugged

an image stayed on the screen.

It was...

the Windows logo!

Pss! That's not scary.

It is if you're a laser printer.

Okay, my turnto tell a ghost story.

Once, there wasthis woman driving...

Hook in the hand.

Okay, I've got one.

This family...

Man in the attic.

Fine, Mr. Know-It-All-About-Something-Finally,

you tell a story.

With pleasure.

Once, not far from here,

four people set outon a cattle drive...

Robot gets boredand kills Fry with a hammer!

Sorry. Go on.

And then, while they sathelplessly around the campfire,

a demented, knife-wielding,escaped, lunatic, Libertarian,

zombie mutant snuck up and...


( screaming )

( whimpering )

Amy, what are you doing here?

I forgot to give you somethingbefore you left.

Oh. What?


Is thatyour camouflage reflex,

or are you just happyto see me?

I love it out here, Amy.

I feel so manly.

I have blister,I-I spit,

and-and, of course,I tell no one my feelings.

But you still have them, right?

Oh, yes,but I keep them inside

until I can write themin my diary.

Ah... it's awonderful night.

It sure is.

I could just lie here beside youstaring at the sky all night.

I can't.



( both moaning )

( loud rumbling )

( gasps )

What's that?!

Maybe we just made love.

( rumbling stops )

( mandibles clicking )

The buggalo!

They're in the crater!

The rustlers musthave seen me coming

and run off scared.

Oh, Kif, you're so brave.

Shh. They'll hear us.