Uncensored - Sarah Tiana - Calhoun, Georgia

South Beach Comedy Festival 2013 Season 1, Ep 7 04/20/2013 Views: 964

The South is the only place in the world that reenacts a war they did not win. (1:01)

[music playing]

-I'm from the South.

Is anybody here fromthe South at all?

Yeah, fuck that place, huh?

Let's not bring it up.

I'm from Calhoun, Georgia.

You've probably heard ofit, we have a Nike outlet,

it's a pretty big deal.

Nobody ever knowswhere Calhoun is,

but most peopleknow where Georgia

is, we're right belowthe poverty line.

It's cool, I like it.

I love being from the Southbecause we're the only place

in the world that reenactsa war we did not win.

Boom, check.

South used to be one.

I mean, we all used tobe in the Confederacy.

SEC football totallytore us apart,

like now we all hate each other.

I wasn't allowed to say theF word in my house growing up

unless it was in front of theword "Florida," then it was OK.

That's right, baby,fuck them Gators.