Jeff Ross - Riding Along

Jeff Ross Roasts Cops Season 1, Ep 1 09/11/2016 Views: 10,084

A woman hanging out with her neighbors in Boston tells a police officer why she doesn't trust cops, then seizes the opportunity to promote her mix tape. (2:28)

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If this was a Batman movie,

you guys would diein the first scene.


Let's just go hasslesome black dudes.

What are we doing?Come on.

- What the [bleep]?

- We're gonna do that right now,in about five minutes.

- When you're out together,

does the white cop/black copdynamic come into play

on how you dealwith certain things?

- It's fine.- These racially-charged times.

- No, well, the black peopledon't talk to me.

They'd rather talk to him.

- Well, they know--

well, if we goto certain areas,

he'll have a tougher time if it's a racially charged point

because they'll look at himand say,

"Why--why are you on his side?Why you on their side?"

- I should be--I say,"I'm not on anybody's side.

I'm on the side of the law."

If someone says "black male wearing black jeans,

a black hoodie," or whatever, you know,

it's a suspect in a robberyand you were walk--

drive down the streetand that's what you see,

of course you gotto stop and talk to them.

And I mean, that's justwhat it is.

That's just like the incidentin Baltimore.

I don't know what happenedwhen that guy got put in the van

or whatever.

But Freddie Gray,just by his criminal record,

was a criminal.

And he was running from the police for a reason.

- They were chargedwith basically putting him

in the backto purposely kill him.

- Kill him, exactly.- Which is--

- So is that imaginableto you guys?

- No.- No.

- Well, you're notin that police force.

That police force might havemore bad apples than most.

- No, I don't look at itthat way,

because if they're in a tough city

and that was his game,

when he got arrested, he made a huge scene,

and he had prior neck injuries,

so who knows what happened,you know?

But on the other hand--

- Maybe it's happenedto him before.

- If it--if he diedas a result of the ride,

it wasn't their intention.

They were charged with murder,as like, common criminals,

and they got dressedand came to work

to kill him in the van?

No, but that's what they gotcharged at, and it's insane.

- We only--we're humanlike everyone else.

Everyone thinks we're not--you know, we make mistakes.

But we have secondsto make a decision,

and then everyone else has days,

weeks, months and yearsto criticize it,

nitpick it,to second-guess it, everything.

- You don't thinkthat's possible

that these cops hated this guy

so muchfor whatever history they had?

- No, to kill him?No.

- But--both: No.

- So it's inconceivable thatthey wanted to rough him up?

- Roughing up or killing?

We're talkingabout two different things.

- I see.