Exclusive - Dan Soder - Medium Sex Drive

Ron Funches, Mark Forward, Dan Soder Season 4, Ep 6 08/30/2013 Views: 11,879

Dan Soder feels a bit uncomfortable in our super sexed-up culture. (2:46)

I don't know. I'm not really,like, an aggressive guy

when it comes to, like,meeting women.

You know what it is?I recently realized

that I have a verymedium sex drive.

And that's okay.

Did you hear how awkwardit got here when I said that?

Every guy's like,I want to bang all the time!

I don't know what this gianteunuch's talking about.

Someone better get this sacklesswonder off stage.

Just saying our cultureis super sexed up.

Everything's about sex.

Like, every commercial's like,You're an American man.

You should want to have sex.

I'm like, all right.

I'm trying to watch footballright now.

It's the Lord's day.

You're a dude, got a dick,want to bang?

What? What?

I like to nap too.

Why can't you advertiselike that?

Drink a Budweiser,take a nap.

Done. Done.

It is fun going to bars

and watching those alpha maledouche bags hit on girls.

Just walk up with their tightEd Hardy shirts on.


I'm so full of [BLEEP].


That's why I'm all veiny.

It's the [BLEEP]trying to escape.

It's silly. It's silly.

They say silly [BLEEP]. [BLEEP]

It's like, "Hey, babe.

"Come home with me.

I'll bang you all night."


First off, who's got that kindof upper body strength?

If you say a sentencelike that,

you're committing yourselfto a five-hour locked pushup.

If I tried doing that,

by minute threemy arm would be doing

that goofy,out-of-shape jiggle.

Just like, I can't--

I can't hold--

I can't--I can't hold it.

You bang me.You got to bang me now.

Your-- Your turn.

All I'm saying is,if you come home with me

the night might startwith sex.


It's definitely going to endin deep, deep sleep.

That's how I hiton women.

You want to sleep in, girl?

Sleep in all day.

Wake up, smoke a bowl,go back to bed.

I am lazy.