Nick Swardson - Frozen Drinks

Nick Swardson: Taste It Season 1, Ep 1 05/30/2015 Views: 15,151

Nick Swardson explains why guys should never drink fancy frozen drinks at a bar. (2:28)

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I don't like frozen drinks.

A lot of chick friends are like,"Daiquiris, you guys, daiquiris.

"[laughing]Oh, my God.

"What if we got daiquiris?

"So crazy!


Yeah, those drinks taste good,right?

Frozen drinks,they taste good, but, you know,

guys, we don't lookthat cool drinking them.

Because they always comein, like, festive glasses.

You know what I mean,like Fat Tuesday, like, tubes?

And then you're justsitting there,

like, a guy at a bar,like--

Yeah, it's a real good look.

God forbid you get into a fightor something.

"What'd you say?"

That's not a good look.

'Cause I don't wanta brain freeze, all right?

'Cause those drinks,you drink it, like, really fast.

They, like, taste good,so you're just, like, "Ah."

No, I don't want a brain freeze.

It's the most painful thingon the face of the earth.

And I always think, like,who was the first guy

to experience that?

Like, a brain freeze?Imagine how horrible

that would beif that happened to you

and you didn't knowwhat was happening,

and that happened.That would be awful.

So here's my impressionof the first guy

to experience that, okay?

First guy to experiencea brain freeze.

I'm gonna say it's the guywho invented ice cream.

Why not?

And I'm gonna make himBritish,

'cause that's fun for meto do in my sketch.

So this is my impressionof the first guy, okay,

trying ice creamfor the first time,

experiencing a brain freeze.

He's like,"All right, everyone.

"I just createdthis delicious treat.

"It's frozen.It's called 'ice cream.'

"I'm trying itfor the first time right now.

"Here we go.

"It's amazing.

"Oh, my God!

"It's the best thingI've ever had.

"I'm gonna eat itas fast as I can.

"I'm gonna eat it faster.I'm just gonna eat it.

"Ah, ah, so good,ah, oh, my gosh.

"It's delicious!Oh.

"Oh, my [bleep] God!

"Oh, my God!Somebody kill me!

"Kill me!Hit me with a brick!

"Oh, my God!