Overclocking Bender

Overclockwise Season 6, Ep 25 09/01/2011 Views: 88,707

Bender develops super speed and intelligence after Cubert Farnsworth rewires his circuitry. (2:32)

I can't keep up with today's

high-speed,top-of-the-line kids!

You can't evenkeep up with me,

and I'm some sortof Stone Age throwback.You know,

I might be ableto speed up your reflexes

by overclocking you.

Uh, what's that, sonny?

You say it'll putsome whoopie in my cushion?

(electric tool whirring)

This might take a while.

I've got to adjustthe memory timing,

raise the CPU voltage,

and delete 12 terabytesof outdated catchphrases.

Sounds like fun on a bun!


Fry, can we talkabout our relationship?

Of course. Our relationshipis the best thing in my life,

so I'm sure I'll enjoytalking about it with you.

(groans)I don't know.

I guess I'm justfeeling uneasy

about us beingso on-again-off-again.

Maybe it's noneof my business,

but if it were up to me,we'd be on allthe time.

And I mean all the time.

But what would that be like?

I mean, if we were together,

where would we beten years from now?

Still here?Definitely.

Or... somewhere else.

(groans)Maybe I'm having some kind of...

early-life crisis,but, look,

don't you ever wonderabout the future?

Sure, but you'realways in it.

Also, sometimesterminators.

All right.

You should run a lot faster now.

Unless you die.


(whirring, beeping)

Ooh, I'm smart!

I know how tospell "aardvark"!

February is the shortest month!


3,018 jelly beansin that jar!

(chuckles)Oh, damn, I'm good!

I mean 3,018 rat kidneys.


Now, then, my man, let's seeif your reflexes are...



Get 'em! Get 'em!Get 'em!

Hey, foreign aggressors,vassup?

Oh, we were just eating spaetzleand listening to Kraftwerk...

I-I mean fire!

(jazz piano plays lively tune)

That tap-dancing decadentjazz-baby is too fast for us!

Let's see him outrun a V-2!

(loud whoosh)

It's my brainsagainst your Von Braun!

(slicing, metallic ringing)

(loud clattering)

Ach! I could have fired a V8!

(loud explosion, men cry out)

Those guysnormally stink.