Extended - Donald Trump's Future - Uncensored

Extended - Thursday, October 13, 2016 - Uncensored 10/13/2016 Views: 286

After revisiting Donald Trump's disturbing past, Randy Liedtke, Marcella Arguello and Ramon Rivas II guess where the GOP presidential hopeful will be a decade from now. (1:42)

it's beginning to look a lotlike prison.

Creepy new details keep emergingabout GOP nominee

Dr. Cuckstable.


(laughter)Walking in on naked teen pageant

participants, uninvited kissing,and Wednesday, a video surfaced

of the poster boy for orangeprivilege, Donald Trump, on

"Entertainment Tonight."


He apparently was watching agroup of ten-year-old girls and


>> No.


(laughter)I don't want you to get upset.

I did not do this.

(laughter)He was watching a group of

ten-year-old girls and saying,"I'm gonna be dating her in ten


(laughter and loud groaning)>> I'm gonna be dating her in

ten years.

Can you believe it?

(audience & Hardwick groaning)>> HARDWICK: That taste...

You probably just voted forHillary in your mouth a little

bit. Uh...

(laughter)(applause and cheering)

But I need you...

I need you to understand howfucking crazy this is.

Uh, this was a ten-year-oldgirl, and this was 1992.

At that exact moment, hisdaughter Ivanka was an

11-year-old girl.

>> Oh, my God.

>> HARDWICK: But they werealready dating.


(laughter)So he was just talking about...

(applause and cheering)As usual, the shit he says is

not only gross, but inaccurate.

He didn't date that girl tenyears later.

So, comedians, let's show thislizard with Tourette's how it's


What do you think Donald Trumpis gonna be doing ten years

from now?


>> Building a casino in hell.

I'm talking about New Jersey.

>> HARDWICK: All right. Okay.


(applause)Uh, Marcella.

>> He'll be found dead inside ofhis fifth wife.

>> HARDWICK: All right. Points.